An innovative website & CRM platform designed and customized for your fitness business

Our strategy and technology will automate the communication and process that converts a general lead into a happy client.

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We are taking on a fresh and innovative approach to a stale and tired process - the process by which fitness industry owners and brands grow their businesses sustainably.

Our platform

Our flagship product focuses on personalizing your prospecting process, and then scaling your business in a way that aligns with your goals

With flexx, you’ll be able to perform and deliver like never before; update your website’s content, create custom landing pages that work for you and your prospects, manage your leads efficiently, personalize follow-ups, and be more productive. All without contacting, interviewing, or paying a developer.

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Be in three or four places at once - at no extra cost with no extra effort

Unlock your potential

We want to simplify the strategy and tools by which you prospect and grow your members.

Narrow your focus

The truth is - you’re working too damn hard. We can help with follow-up and follow-through so you can focus on your core business.

Personalized Automation

You can’t automate community. And you shouldn’t feel like you have to.

Each of your new leads, potential prospects and current members are looking to connect with you. They want to know you have their back and will help them on their fitness journey.

Our approaches leverage repeatable processes and communication your clientele has come to expect from you - with the flexibility then to tailor the experience uniquely to them.
We are flexx
We are powerlifters, runners, receivers, goalies, dancers, point guards, coaches, teammates.

We are athletes.

Just like you.

And just like your clients.

We’re also a strong team on an even stronger mission.

With our rich features, personalized solutions, and world-class customer support, you’ll save money and time as well as grow your client base like never before.

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