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PROducer Spotlight: Urban MVMNT

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Brick-and-mortar facility: 3,500 sq. ft.
Multi-tenant space
10+ years in business
60 minute strength and conditioning workouts
STUDIO early adopter
MVMNT Anywhere on-demand fitness offering

 About Urban MVMNT

Originally founded in 2010, Urban MVMNT has quickly grown into one of Charlotte’s most popular gyms, delivering “probably the best workout in Charlotte”, as coined by the members themselves.

The facility includes two other locally owned businesses, Mugshots Coffee and Ride or Die Spin Studio, creating a space that allows members to workout and get work done.

Urban MVMNT’s, simple but effective, core class offerings are 60-minute LIFT + MOVE workouts which provide the perfect blend of strength and conditioning in three different workouts styles - SPRINTS, BUILDS, and GRINDS.

Additional class offerings include FLEX, a yoga-inspired workout blending yoga with strength and conditioning, and FIT MOMS, for those who want to be ‘strong as a mother’ when pregnant or postpartum.

 Digital Offering - MVMNT Anywhere

When the coronavirus pandemic shuttered gyms brick-and-mortar locations across the nation, Urban MVMNT quickly became an on-demand early adopter and developed MVMNT Anywhere classes to help their members “keep MVNG”.

“We saw the immediate importance of providing members with an on-demand service and the digital delivery of classes with STUDIO allows us to create, distribute, and collect membership feedback for our on-demand offerings. - Stu Brauer, Urban MVMNT, Owner.

The MVMNT Anywhere classes currently use the usual suspects of at-home equipment: dumbbells, kettlebells, and yoga-mat. However, soon, all MVMNT Anywhere classes will be completed using the torpedo, a simple, cost-effective, piece of equipment that combines the best of barbell, kettlebell, and dumbbells in one. Members who subscribe to the on-demand membership will receive a at-home fitness kit which will include the weighted torpedo of their choosing.

Urban MVMNT is quickly approaching triple digits with 88 STUDIO classes created-to-date and feedback from members is widely positive.

The feedback we’re hearing from MVMNT Anywhere users is good. But, the demographic of members currently using MVMNT Anywhere is unique because, given the current circumstances, they were forced into using an on-demand solution. These members were never looking for a remote workout option, it just became the only option.

However, as we shift our focus from remote only to remote as an additional amenity/service, I am confident that members who are looking for an on-demand workout option will be very satisfied. - Stu Brauer, Urban MVMNT, Owner.

Currently, Urban MVMNT organizes their STUDIO MVMNT Anywhere classes into three categories - LIFT + MOVE, FLEX, and LIFT (only). LIFT + MOVE and FLEX mirror their in-person counterparts, but LIFT (only) was created specifically for MVMNT Anywhere users.

“We recognize that those who workout from home have the ability to cherrypick workouts, and do so often, so we have also created a LIFT (only) section that is purely resistance based workouts for when a member wants to ditch the cardio and focus solely on building strength.” - Stu Brauer, Urban MVMNT, Owner.

And, Urban MVMNT will continue to create on-demand tailored content. In the coming months, they will be using STUDIO to create two front-end offerings for new members. One, the “Reset Series”, an eight-week on-demand fitness program designed to get members in shape and ready to get back into the gym, and two, MVMNT 101, which will help new members familiarize themselves with Urban MVMNT’s workout flow and exercises before joining in-person group classes.

 For Producers by PROducers

We at STUDIO commonly get asked, “how are other gyms doing (insert on-demand content creation question here)”. So, we asked PROducer, Stu Brauer, Urban MVMNT owner, some FAQs.

Q: What's your personal workflow when shooting, editing, and posting?

A: I will do my best to summarize this, but you should also check out a recent video I did that details my full workflow process in extensive detail.

  • Film using one camera.
  • Take all the footage and dump it into a computer. I highly recommend using an external hard drive because the footage is going to take up a ton of space on the computer.
  • Create a raw clips folder where all the raw footage lives
  • Import the files into a video editing software
  • I then utilize Final Cut Pro. Once in Final Cut Pro, scrub the footage to remove the ums, ahs, and bloopers (or don’t, see the answer to third question)
  • From there we color grade, add in graphics, texts, and all the necessary things that make the video come alive to the end-user
  • Export to YouTube to an unlisted playlist with an unlisted link
  • Upload from YouTube to STUDIO
  • Add a quick description and list out the full workout so viewers can see the written workout for reference
  • Finally, publish

Q: What gear do you use?

A: The essentials.

  • Canon M50 - 1080p, 60 frames per second
  • Rode Wireless Go - wireless lav mic for the instructor
  • Four key lights
  • 124GB scan disk

Q: What is your biggest blooper lesson?

A: Urban MVMNT has been creating on-demand classes for two months now and we are already on our third iteration of filming.

With the first two iterations, I was hypersensitive to removing all the outtakes and word-fumbles and would spend a bulk of the editing time scrubbing the clips.

But what we found in talking to our members, is that it didn’t feel like a true class. Because in an in-person class, if the coach messes up, you laugh it off, course correct, and move on. By removing the fumbles in our on-demand classes, we were removing the authentic feel for members.

In our third iteration, there are no takes and no scrubbing. We hit record, and that is it. If the instructor messes up, that’s okay. Just like in an in-person class, the coach will verbally correct that error, and move on.

We are going to run with that and see what kind of feedback we get. It also will increase efficiency, because, without all the outtakes, we will be able to record longer and edit less.

Q: What’s your advice to the freshman producers?

A: Three main points of advice:

First, in the beginning, you are probably making content for people who already know you, trust you, and pay you. You do not need to come out with a Martin Scorsese product in the beginning. You need to develop something that is consistent and authentic.

Second, most producers are not producers by trade - they are coaches and gym owners first. So, my best advice is to YouTube what you don’t know. Search whatever software you want to use and the year. Ex. iMovie 2020. Because there are guys who have dedicated their lives to making how-to videos that have done an amazing job and will eliminate so much frustration.

Lastly, if your video number 7 looks the same as video number 47, you are doing something wrong. You should be constantly working to make those videos better and provide a better product to your viewers.

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