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2. Request your studio

After creating an account, send us your details so we can add your studio.

Once your studio is added, you can invite your team members to help.

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3. Build your studio

Easily upload your pre-recorded classes from YouTube or Vimeo to build your studio's library. Personalize your studio with your own logos, cover photos and description.

When you're ready, spread the word! Share your custom studio URL with your community.


STUDIO was created to help gym and boutique studio owners during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order continue to deliver their unique class offerings online, on-demand.

We're focused on two main groups...

  • The consumer.

Whether you are an avid fitness go-getter or low-key interested in beginning your fitness journey, STUDIO gives you the opportunity to explore a library of on-demand content.

  • The producer.

From gym/studio owners to fitness influencers, STUDIO is giving the opportunity to anyone to extend their business to a digital delivery platform.

It's free.

Hey 👋🏼Joe here, owner of flexx. and creator of STUDIO. I started this project after connecting with my friends in the fitness industry and hearing about the challenges they're facing having to close doors on their physical space.

Obviously, there are costs associated with running a platform like this but, in times like these, we small business owners need to find ways to support each other, however we can.

If STUDIO keeps even one gym from having to shutdown their business, then spending every hour of the quarantine building this free platform has been worth it.

Absolutely! We hosted a Zoom meeting before launch to go over the platform and answer many more questions.

If you missed the meeting, you can watch the recording here.

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